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Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future

Trees in Northern Michigan along Lake Superior

Using wood in my toys comes with a bit of guilt. Trees are beautiful and bring so many benefits to our world. Yet they make pretty good toys too, toys that last and last. Still cutting down trees seems somehow wrong. So to remedy this unease I always plant more trees than I consume. You should see the forest in our backyard; it is getting hard to find space to swing a cat. And I have to find a place for our potted Christmas tree that will need planting December 26th. Since my own backyard is limited I support organizations that plant trees. One of my favorites is Trees for the Future. They plant millions of tress around the world and are highly ranked by the folks who evaluate non-profits. If you are able I encourage you to join me in supporting Trees for the Future. They are good folks doing good work.

He who fails to plant a tree…
Shall go coffinless to the grave

A Chinese proverb


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December 12, 2013 · 6:09 pm